Coronavirus (COVID 19) UPDATES

Update 3/24/20

I hope this finds you well. 

Not much to report to you right now, but we have established online giving. The link can be found on our church website's homepage. This will be beneficial for us as a church even after the pandemic has passed. 

We will be posting services online for you to watch at any time. These are prerecorded services and they will be posted to our church's youtube page. There is a link to our page in the top right corner on the Home Page.  

Here is this past Sunday's (3/22/20) video.

Please let us know if you have any needs. 

Love you church, 

Joel Laseter 


Update 3/18/20

A Few Updates for WBC 3/18/20 

  • VBS TRAINING: The VBS training that was scheduled for Thursday has been canceled. Please remember we still need workers. Be praying about how you can serve this summer. 
  • GIVING: Even though we will not be meeting in person for at least the next two weeks you can still send your offerings and tithes by mail to the church. Webb Baptist Church P.O. Box 70 36376. We are also currently working with our church management software to establish online giving through our Website. I’ll keep you posted on it as it develops.  
  • SERVING: We are offering grocery, medical, and other needs pick-up for our seniors and those with medical issues that are considered “high-risk” with COVID-19. If you are willing to help with this ministry or you know of a need, please let me know by text, call, or Facebook message.
  • ALERTS: Please keep checking our church’s Facebook page and church website for updates and more info as we move forward. 
  • PASS THE WORD: Not everyone is digitally connected in our church family. It is important if you are seeing this to help pass the word to those members about services being suspended and the updates as they come along. 

Let’s take this time to rest in Christ and work for His glory! Be safe, be wise, and be faithful. I love you church. 

Joel Laseter 


Coronavirus Update 3/17/20

Coronavirus Protocol Update for Webb Baptist Church 


These are unprecedented times in our nation’s recent history. As new information comes to light we have to make the best decisions in reaction to the spread of this virus and to be proactive in preventing more harm. Our national and state officials are advising limiting gatherings of people greater than 50. With these recommendations in mind, please see our action plan below: 

  • SERVICES: ALL SERVICES at Webb Baptist Church will be suspended for at least 2 weeks (until April 5th.) Though we pray it will not, this suspension may last longer than 2 weeks. Due to the fluid nature of this situation, through prayer and discernment, we will evaluate whether or not services will be held as information becomes available. This is difficult and heartbreaking, but we must do what is best for our elderly members and strive to not put a greater strain on the health care system. In other words, it is time to love our neighbors and do what is best for them by staying home. 
  • SENIORS: The suspension of corporate gathering does not stop the ministry of the church. This church is much more than a building.  Webb Baptist will continue to minister as much as we can in our current social environment. If you are a senior citizen in need of groceries, medication, or other needs, please notify the church. We do not want you to risk your health by going out into large gatherings or stores. You can call me, a deacon, your Sunday School teacher, or notify a church member and they will get the word to us. My email is This goes for church and non-church members. If you know of a need in our community, please let us know. 
  • WORSHIP: The suspension of corporate gathering does not stop worship either. Worship is the natural rhythm of a believer’s everyday life. I strongly encourage you to set time aside to worship as a family. We will try our best to put out content to help. This is new for us and it will be a work in progress, but we will do everything in our power to keep you up to date in our progression. 
  • COMFORT: There is unrest in our world, but in times like this our faith and rest in Christ (Hebrews 4:9-10) should shine the brightest. Let us carry an attitude of humility, a spirit of peace, and reflect the love of Christ in all we do (yes that even means while in the chaos of the grocery store.) Let’s be a light, let’s be an encourager, and let us love God supremely and our neighbors as ourselves. 

I love you church! I will greatly miss gathering with you, but I looking forward to serving Christ along with you in these days to come. Again, notify us with any needs that you have and we will continue to update you as we can. God Bless! 


For the Glory of Christ, 

Joel Laseter 



Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Protocol for Webb Baptist Church 

We will still be holding our normal services for the foreseeable future. I urge you to use all normal precautions when facing a virus. If you are sick, been around sickness, or feel like you are starting to “come down with something” then please stay home. You are not a spiritual superhero because you came to church sick. You are actually doing more harm towards the church than help. If you think you are a risk for others then love your neighbor (Matt. 22:39) by staying home and self-quarantine. 

Other measures to take: feel free to avoid handshakes, hugs, face touches (that should go without saying), if you have a cough then do so in your elbow, not your hands (or stay at home), and as always no “greeting with a holy kiss.”(2 Cor. 13:12) Also, getting upset because “so and so didn’t shake your hand” is not allowed in church during flu/Coronavirus season and shouldn’t be allowed outside of those seasons either. 

This is a big one: PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS! You should always be doing this, but even more so now. Like, really wash your hands; soap, water, and take your time. Remember James 4:8 “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. CLEANSE YOUR HANDS, YOU SINNERS, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” 

Finally, may we take a posture of faith not fear and an approach of wisdom not foolishness to this pandemic. Our Sovereign God is still on the throne and the church still belongs to Him. At the very least, if the worst case is to happen, may we be found faithful in all things at all times to our all in all, Christ. 

I love you, church and I will continue to monitor the situation and update our plans if things change. Be safe and be faithful. 

For the Glory of Christ, 

Joel Laseter 


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