Children's Church.

Preschool ages 4-5, and children grades 1-4 are welcome to attend Children's Church during the Sunday morning service. Children will be dismissed just before the pastor begins his message.

Start and end times will vary according to the service, but will usually begin around 10:50 A.M. 


Preschool and Children's Programs
Preschool ages 3-5, and Children grades 1-6 meet at 6:30 p.m. (following supper) for an hour of recreation, Bible study and music/rmissions on Wednesday nights.  

Children's Seasonal Events

In addition to the programs already mentioned, our Children's Ministries Committee plans, and participates in  seasonal events to encourage a greater awareness of God, and His love for them.  Included in these events is Vacation Bible School.

A most important responsibility we have as Christian adults is to provide for, protect, and nourish our children.  At church, that work begins with helping children to learn that God loves them, they can trust Him, and they can enjoy a personal relationship with Him as their Heavenly Father, through receiving His only Son, Jesus into their hearts as savior of their souls, and Lord of their lives.  We realize that developing their awareness of God, and understanding who He is, takes years to guide them in that process.  All of our childrens' programs are designed with that goal in mind.